Collision in Trinidad for Carnival 2017 with YUMA


Frontline – US$1,217.00


Collision in collaboration with the carnival band YUMA, will be offering a Concierge Service for the Cai Section. You do not have to worry about long lines, booking your flight in time to collect at the band house or missing a fete just to get your costume. We will provide a hassle-free option for your Costume at no cost.

Pre-Registration is now open and will help assist in securing a spot in this section given our limited number of spots. Feel free to contact us for further information on payment options.

Backline: US$300
Frontline: US$600
Male: US$300


Backline – US$784.00

Cai_Backline with backpack

Backpack (small) – US$120.00 Feathered H/Piece – US$400.00

Cai_Men backline

Male – US$688.00

Feel free to visit YUMA’s website here, to discover their one-of- a-kind On the Road Experience. Send us an email or Message us Facebook for payment details.

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