Collision Foreday

The Ultimate Holiday Party in Barbados

What is Crop Over?!

The sweetest Summer Festival in the Caribbean. It began in 1687 to celebrate the end of the sugar can season and has evolved into the most colourful display of Barbados culture. Collision Foreday joins the celebration in the heart of Bridgetown and culminate the festivities on Spring Garden Highway.

This was my first time not only celebrating Foreday but celebrating it with Collision and I had a BLAST. I don't remember all the details (which is a good thing) but I do know I'll be with you guys next year. Thanks for a great night :)

Trudy Taylor

“…always a great experience 2017 will be 5th year in a row…”

Romeo Montague

The Hong Kong possee had an amazing time and said this about Collision: 'The most spirited and welcoming group', 'Thanks to everyone for helping the newbies learn to dance Bajan-style' 'Hong Kong clubs won't know what hit them'. 'Excellent security and organisation'. Thanks to Pauline for all her help, even at the last minute, making the experience even better! Big shout out from HK to all those in Collision for making it the most amazing and memorable experience we will be back!

Simone Redman

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Your package includes a tshirt, goodie bag and an all-inclusive experience on the road with drinks, security, paint and breakfast.



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